The 9 Best Underbody Underglow Kits

We spent 47 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top options for this wiki. There are few more affordable ways to add a touch of panache to your vehicle than by installing an LED kit under its body. Whether you choose a system that pulses in time to the beat of your music or you opt for a more demure setup that emits a steady glow, underglow lighting will certainly make your vehicle stand out. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to support our work.

9. Imosontec 8-pod

The Imosontec 8-pod feature durable aluminum housings and extra tough glass, so they can withstand being hit by rocks and any other debris that might fly up as you cruise on or off the road. Each pod contains three super-bright LEDs.

  • Suitable for marine installations
  • Accept a wide range of voltages
  • Bluetooth connectivity is finicky

Model pending
Weight 3.8 pounds
Rating 4.0 / 5.0

8. XKGlow Neon Accent

For the motorist who desires only a single color to shine from under his or her vehicle as a grace note to the automotive aesthetic, an XKGlow Neon Accent is the ideal choice. Select from blue, amber, green, or a number of other bright and memorable hues.

  • Bendable for under-bumper use
  • Could use longer wiring
  • Installation hardware is low quality

Model XK041002-B
Weight 1.1 pounds
Rating 4.6 / 5.0

7. LEDMircy XBD

When you want to create enough light to blind onlookers, the LEDMircy XBD is what you need. It is a 10-unit kit, each of which has a 120-degree beam angle to create a wide throw, completely illuminating the ground and everything on it.

  • Shock- and dust-proof
  • Multiple placement options
  • Lights don’t change color

Model Rock Light Kit White
Weight 2.3 pounds
Rating 3.5 / 5.0

6. OTP7 Aura Golf Cart

Why should your car or truck be the only one to show off your style? Get the OTP7 Aura Golf Cart and look fancy on the links, too. Now you can go all “Caddyshack” on the course and liven up that stuffy country club, or just cruise around the neighborhood with some flair.

  • Includes a mountable switch
  • Lights adhere with genuine 3m tape
  • Can produce only 16 colors

Brand OPT7
Model pending
Weight 1.5 pounds
Rating 4.0 / 5.0

5. XKGlow Second Gen

The 192 total inches of LED tubing you will get in the XKGlow Second Gen can be programmed to create a rolling light show other drivers will admire and seldom outshine. Working together, its bulbs are capable of producing millions of subtly different colors.

  • 120 preset light programs
  • Available as an interior combo too
  • Sturdy reinforced polycarbonate

Model XK041006
Weight 1.8 pounds
Rating 4.7 / 5.0

4. OPT7 Aura All-Color

The OPT7 Aura All-Color will add some attitude to your ride. The lights are guaranteed to fit your SUV, van, or truck, and come with professional mounting hardware to ensure they stay securely in place no matter what you subject your vehicle to.

  • Sound-activated mode
  • Attract a lot of attention
  • Remote works from up to 80 feet away

Brand OPT7
Model SPOMHNK1387
Weight 5.2 pounds
Rating 4.5 / 5.0

3. LEDGlow Slimline Series

The LEDGlow Slimline Series allows you to bathe the road beneath your car or truck in light thanks to its total of 324 ultra-bright LEDs. They are easy to operate either via a dash-mounted control box or by using the wireless fob-style remote.

  • Housed in water-resistant tubing
  • Come with six-foot power cable
  • Include lifetime technical support

Brand LEDGlow
Model pending
Weight 4.4 pounds
Rating 4.8 / 5.0

2. Ambother 1845

The Ambother 1845 is comprised of four, easy-to-install LED strips, and comes in at an incredibly low price. You can bend or fold them as needed to wrap around the contours of your vehicle’s underside, making them suited to a variety of car and truck models.

  • Work for interior use too
  • Come with a remote control
  • Colors are very vibrant

Model pending
Weight 1.1 pounds
Rating 4.7 / 5.0

1. Ambother 1959

Take complete command of your underbody lighting with the Bluetooth-controllable Ambother 1959. You can customize the brightness, color change speed, and strobe effect to suit your taste, and they are rugged enough for use on off-road vehicles.

  • Curved and flat mounting pads
  • Fifty thousand-hour service life
  • Work with android and ios devices

Model AMBOTHER Mannysen1959
Weight 2.9 pounds
Rating 4.9 / 5.0

Getting The Glow

Regardless of how it’s used or perceived, there is no denying that light is synonomous with power. Depending on its color, light can even be used to personify the qualities of good and evil. In his quest to reach the final level of becoming a martial arts master, for example, the fictional character of Leroy Green unlocks the mystical power of a body-surrounding, sublime golden glow, empowering him to defeat the bad guy in Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. Okay, I admit that this movie was really cool to me back in the 80s, so no judgments. That said, this example shows that a “glow” can mean much more than just light coming from a lamp. It personifies a sense of being, power, and control. A great way to embody these very same qualities when behind the wheel is by outfitting your vehicle with an underbody underglow kit.

Also known as ground effects lighting, the underbody underglow kit is an aftermarket aesthetic customization consisting of a series of lights attached to a car’s chassis, allowing for illumination of the ground below. Underglow lighting is broken up into two main categories, neon and light-emitting diode technology. While neon ground effects lighting has the advantage of being extra-bright on the road, its tubing is quite fragile. This makes neon underglow kits ideal for installation on automobiles that aren’t driven on rough terrain, as even slight bumps can potentially damage their tubing. Installing a neon underglow kit usually involves wiring a transformer into a vehicle and bolting the lighting assembly directly to the car’s chassis. Certain neon underglow kits are also compatible with specialized modules that, when wired into a car’s audio system, allow the lights to change according to the type of music being played.

By contrast, LED underglow kits are sturdier, more compact, and significantly more durable than their neon-based counterparts. LEDs are a type of solid-state lighting that make use of semiconductors to generate light as opposed to super-heated gas inside a glass tube. Many LED underglow kits are vibration-resistant and more energy-efficient than neon kits. They are capable of displaying complex lighting patterns, including strobe, chase, and even fading effects. LEDs can also be mounted into small nooks and crannies of a vehicle. Common installation locations include a car’s interior, inside the engine bay, on top of air-intake scoops, and even behind the wheel wells. Additional wiring can also be leveraged by an LED underglow kit to allow it to respond to your car’s sound system or engine RPM.

Some LED underglow kits can be completely submerged in water, making them ideal for trailers in need of additional illumination to help light the road during heavy rains or snowstorms. Aside from their aesthetic value, don’t forget that these kits serve an important function when it comes to overall safety, too. Whether you’re plowing through snow, fog, or just a long stretch of dark and barren highway at night, these lights will be noticed sooner and from farther away than ordinary front-facing headlights. Underglow kits provide a full 360-degree range of visibility that allows other bystanders to know where you are. I like to think of the underbody underglow kit on a car as being analogous to an LED vest. Both serve a similar purpose of alerting bystanders to your presence, the main difference being that whereas one is for a mobile machine, the other protects a pedestrian.

Being Practical When Tricking Out Your Ride

While both neon and LED underglow kits can be installed professionally, one of the major advantages to these aftermarket accessories is found in the customization available to the DIY enthusiast when tricking out a ride on their own. That said, if you’re the type of person who wants to install an underglow kit yourself, it’s a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of electrical wiring to ensure your safety. A pair of electrician gloves is highly recommended as well, especially if you’re working around a car’s sound system or engine components.

Consider an underbody underglow kit that is Bluetooth-compatible with an ability to customize its brightness as well as the speed at which its lights will change color. Furthermore, if you plan to do any off-roading with a large pickup truck, the kit you choose should include durable light pods that can withstand potential impacts, while also being flexible enough to easily contour to the shape of your vehicle’s underside.

Some underbody underglow kits also come equipped with a remote control, which makes it easy to operate your lights from up to 100 feet away.

As empowering as it is to imagine yourself driving on the highway at night with the radio blasting and those neon or LED lights pulsing on the road below you, it’s important to understand the laws and legalities associated with these kits. Depending on where you live, the laws may be different, so just keep that in mind before jumping into such a project.

A Very Brief History Of Underbody Underglow Kits

Light emitting diode technology dates as far back as 1907 when electroluminescence was discovered by British inventor H. J. Round of Marconi Labs. LED technology didn’t appear as a practical component application until 1962, initially taking the form of low-intensity infrared light. Today’s LEDs are available across the visible, ultraviolet, and infrared wavelengths, exhibiting very high levels of brightness from which most automobiles benefit on long stretches of dark road.

With respect to ground-effects lighting, the concept of LED and neon underglow kits have a relatively short history that began around 1987. These kits were developed by a man named Andrew Wilson who currently holds several patents.

Today’s high-end LED underglow kits are available in several types, including pod-style lights, LED strips, and flexible LED tubing.